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Subs2Go is a worldwide network and personal training directory of certified fitness teachers ready to provide group and personal training. Our instructors specialize in various disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training & Group Fitness. Group fitness classes include: Zumba, Cycle, Circuit Training, Aerobics & many more. All of our instructors are certified and can provide liability insurance upon request. View our instructor profiles here.

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Subs2Go is a Vancouver-based software and personal training directory of trained fitness professionals that makes it easy for individuals, gyms, studios, community centres and corporate offices to find qualified substitute fitness instructors and personal trainers.

Founded and developed by filmmaker and yoga teacher, Tamara Jones, and web developer, Scott Norrena, Subs2Go first came to life to fill the gap in finding a qualified sub to teach fitness classes quickly and easily. The idea came to Tammy, after her struggle to find a sub to teach her yoga class. “There must be a better way of finding subs that is convenient and trustworthy,” thought Tammy.

As a result, Subs2Go was built with the mission to support and inspire individuals and business owners to live life to their fullest, through passion and creativity. We added the flame in our logo to represent the fire housed deep within ourselves, where we realize our own abilities and face our own challenges. Subs2Go offers support in the element of change and transformation, whether that’s through helping you to find a sub or in finding the right trainer to help you reach your own fitness goals.

Subs2Go has grown into a national directory of certified teachers, trainers and instructors accredited to meet the needs and motivations of their clients. Together, we help you glow, radiate and prosper through the fire deep within.

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