Terms of Use


Instructors agree that all qualifications, certificates and other information stated on Subs2Go are true and active. Employers will confirm qualifications, certificates, insurance and other critical information when hiring instructors on Sub2Go.

Availability and Communication

Instructors will update their work availability when booked. All communications between employers and instructors through Subs2Go messaging will be employment related. We do not tolerate spam or unsolicited advertising.

Spam Policy

Please report all unusual activity to the administrator. We do not tolerate spam or unsolicited advertising. Subs2Go reserves the right to suspend membership for any reason.


Subs2Go is not liable for any incidents that occur while instructing. Subs2Go does not verify accuracy of credentials of instructors or employers. It is up to all members to verify credentials stated on this site.


By agreeing to the terms of use, your are agreeing to a waiver that means subs2go is not liable for any accidents, deaths, misdemeanors, fraud or illegal activities involving members or clients that occur while instructing, traveling to work or through communications on subs2go's website. Subs2go recommends that all instructors obtain insurance.

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