How much does a personal trainer cost?

Created: 22-Jul-2021 by Tamara Jones
how much does a personal trainer cost

Whether you want to increase your daily exercise, drop a few pounds, or strengthen your body and flexibility, a personal trainer can be your guide to a healthier lifestyle. But not all fitness trainers are the same, as they come with different skills, qualifications and styles. Finding the right instructor, therefore, is an important part in helping you reach your own fitness goals.

How much does a personal trainer cost? This guide will look at the different personal trainers you can work with and share insights into personal trainer pricing.

Types of personal trainers

Finding a personal trainer with the right training style for your needs is part of your fitness success formula. Some want a trainer to push them to the brink; others respond better to a gentler approach. Here are a few common types of personal trainers you may consider:

Benefits of a personal trainer

Working with a personal trainer is often the kick many need to get in shape, lead a healthier lifestyle, and rehabilitate from old injuries. Working with a personal trainer is also great for those with specific health and fitness concerns or need a more customized program to meet their needs. They're also an excellent option for busy people who can't commit to regular weekly group classes at the gym.

how much does a personal trainer cost

How much does a personal trainer cost?

A personal trainer in Vancouver, for example, starts at $50 per session or per hour. This cost depends on whether the session is private (just you and the trainer) or done in a group.

The cost also varies depending on the type of personal training you want. Anything that requires specialized equipment or specialized training on the trainer's part can cost on the higher end of the scale.

Here are some examples and price ranges you can expect:

Additional factors of personal trainer pricing

In addition to the average hourly or session rates, other factors come into play when personal trainers set their prices. These variables include:

Where to find personal trainers?

To find in-person personal trainers and fitness instructors in your community, you can talk to local gyms and training facilities, local business associations, or online groups for recommendations and referrals. Subs2Go is also a great option to meet with qualified instructors and trainers in a variety of disciplines. Connect with a fitness instructor, whether that is a certified personal trainer, yoga, pilates, or group teacher that is based on your schedule, style, and needs. And they can be chosen in-person or online. Prices for programs vary. If you're ready to start, you might want to take a look at our special discount for fitness products by visiting Subs2Go shop.

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