Frequently Asked Questions

General F.A.Q.


  1. Is registration free?
  2. What is the difference between a home location and work zone
  3. Can I teach outside of where I live?
  4. Tips for selecting a profile picture
  5. How do I set my work availability
  6. Tips for content in your work biography


  1. Do I need insurance?

Online Live-Streaming Classes

  1. Can I upload a pre-recorded class?
  2. How do students register for an online class?
  3. How do I create a streaming link to share with my students?
  4. How do I keep track of my registered students?
  5. Remember to change the students payment status to 'Paid' once payment is received. This will activate a messaging function to allow you to send a quick message including the live stream platform link, password and class details.
  6. Check out our blog for tips on how to run an on-line class.


  1. How do I collect money from my students?
  2. Will subs2Go be facilitating payments in the future?
  3. Refunds: What if a student doesn’t like my class and asks for a refund?
  4. Canceling a class


  1. In order to keep your email address private, please use our messaging system to communicate with students and employers.
  2. Employers will message you for work via our messaging system. You will get an email from us indicating an employment opportunity. Check your messages from your Dashboard at login to view all messages and respond.
  3. Until we facilitate payments, you and your students will communicate via subs2go messaging to arrange and confirm payment details.


  1. What if I live in a city that isn’t listed on Subs2Go?
  2. What if I teach a fitness class that isn’t listed?
  3. Who do I contact for additional clarification or to provide feedback?